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2021 State Officer elections

Below are officer nominations as submitted by the Nominating Committee. This slate will be voted upon by all members of the organization from Thursday, March 4th until Friday, March, 5th at midnight via a secure poll in our WildApricot system. TABPHE members who have have paid their state dues or who are Life members are eligible to vote.

The results will be announced at the Annual Business Meeting during the State Conference on March 6th at 1 p.m.

If you have any questions, please email the Nominating Committee at elections@tabphe.org.

2021 Slate of Officers



It is with a sense of honor and humility that I accept the nomination for President-Elect of The Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education. I was introduced to TABPHE in 2000 by Mr. Ivory Moore, one of the founder of this great organization.  Mr. Moore instilled in me the values of TABPHE.  I found the values, concepts, and philosophy very much aligned with my belief system.  Joining The Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education is one of the best personal and professional decisions made.   TABPHE has given me the opportunity to serve as Chair of the Dr. Cherry Ross Gooden Faculty Institute, Vice President of Membership, Conference committee member, Lifetime Member, volunteer, and presenter at various conferences.  I worked with Dr. Shannon Solis to bring in much needed scholarship dollars for students.  Also, I encouraged my University to contribute sponsorship dollars.  Currently, I serve as President of Texas A&M University-Commerce Chapter.  Eighty percent of Commerce Chapter members are either life time members of taking the necessary steps to ensure such status.  



Sandra McCrary-Marshall, is a graduate of Tuskegee University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She received her Master of Science from The University of Texas – Austin and currently serves as the Department Chair of the Vocational Nursing Program at Austin Community College.

Ms. McCrary-Marshall is one of the 2003 charter members of the Austin TABPHE chapter and has been a member since its beginnings. Ms. McCrary-Marshall is a LIFETIME member of TABPHE. She has served on several TABPHE state conference committees and has served on TABPHE's Board as a Director for the past 4 years.

Ms. McCrary-Marshall goal is to increase the membership of TABPHE throughout the state of Texas and to uphold the mission and philosophy of the organization.



I have been involved with TABPHE since 2006 when working for the Texas Higher Education  Coordinating Board. I am an Austin Chapter member (2011), a Life Member (2013), a TABPHE state  board member (2016), and appointed TABPHE State Treasurer (2018). 

During my current tenure (2019-2020) as treasurer, I have become very familiar with the inner workings  of our accounting and banking system. I have set about improving the system for better accuracy in  reporting to the board and its members and continue to look for improvements. 

I have over 25 years of non-profit experience with various board positions on a national, state, and local  level. I have served in the position of treasurer on several of these boards. I also currently serve as the  treasurer of my homeowner’s association.  

If elected to serve another term, I will maintain the integrity and accuracy of our accounting and banking  system with improvements as needed. 

As a Life Member, I fully support the mission and vision of TABPHE.

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