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2015 Ivory Moore Scholarship Recipients

Community College Scholarship

Dian Crews

Major:  Communication and Business Management

The recipient of the TABPHE Community College Scholarship is Ms. Dian Crews, a student at Mountain View College of the Dallas County Community College District. 

An excerpt from her essay:

“I know that as an African-American woman; my education is what I need in order to succeed in life, and my determination to be successful is at an all-time high. With that being said, the Ivory Moore Scholarship will definitely be that boost I need in order to finish strong at the community college level. I do not want to be average. I do not want average grades that will just get me by in college. I want to finish at the top of my class, and the Ivory Moore Scholarship will give me the assistance I need in order to focus on achieving that goal.”


Aaron Williford

Major: Business Finance

The recipient of the TABPHE Undergraduate Scholarship is Mr. Aaron Williford, a student at Texas A&M University in Commerce, Texas.  

An excerpt from his essay:

“Ultimately, I want to become a certified financial analyst for a while to earn accreditation. Following this, I want to run for United States Senator and represent Texas on the national stage to bring change and growth stateside. I believe that this scholarship program will inspire my thoughts immensely. One of my last goals that I have set for myself is to help youth have a better life than I had. I want to leave the best legacy I can. I know that the Ivory Moore Scholarship for undergraduate students will help me in reaching my goal. If selected, I will represent the scholarship program, my fellow African-American peers and the Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education with high esteem, dignity, and quality character.”

Aaron Williford

Graduate Scholarship

Belashia Wallace

Major: Law

The recipient of the TABPHE Graduate Scholarship is Ms. Belashia Wallace, a law student at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas.  

An excerpt from her essay:

“I aim to utilize my education as a platform for worldwide change. Just like the late Ivory Moore who was the first African-American mayor of Commerce, as well as the first African-American administrator at Texas A&M University-Commerce and East Texas State University, I am among many “firsts” in my community. Although I hold countless awards and honors for my service at local, state, and national levels, I am inspired by great leaders like Ivory Moore who paved the way for me.  The Ivory Moore Scholarship will assist me in my future career endeavor to continue my service as a hopeful member of the judiciary. Furthermore, the Ivory Moore scholarship will assist me in my ongoing pursuit to be a positive example for troubled youth who like me, grew up without positive role models. I desire to be the example that success is possible.” 

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