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Call for Workshop Proposals

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The success of prior conferences has always depended on you, our conference presenters and speakers! We invite you to submit your inspirational and innovative presentations that reflect the essence of this year’s conference theme, "Acceleration Growth: An Opportunity for Success.”

The deadline to submit proposals HAS CLOSED and we will notify presenters if their workshop is approved by  October 1, 2023. Presenters are required to register for the conference. Any questions please email: Dr. Barbara Knotts at bknotts@alamo.edu .

Each session is 50 - minutes long .  Please allow 10-15 minutes for questions and answers. Most rooms are set up in classroom seating with a podium and projector.  Presenters are required to register for the conference.

The 2024 Conference has five tracks. We are accepting proposals on:

1.)  Faculty - Teaching & Coping

These sessions should offer strategies that can lead to better coping skills for faculty as they manage their classroom, bias student evaluation, lack of collegiality, lack of professional development opportunities, and other related topics.  

2.)  Staff - Building Workplace Coping Skills

These sessions should offer coping and solution strategies for staff members working in colleges and universities Admissions, Financial Aid, Orientation, Advising, Student Affairs, or Campus Life offices addressing isolation, discrimination, disrespect, mentorship, handling sexism, racism in the workplace, lack of belonging, workplace bullying, favoritism, emotion and stress issues, and other related topics.

3.)  Students - Handling Your Business & Graduate!

These sessions targets topics that will explore personal and academic challenges minorities face as they work towards graduation such as low-self-esteem, financial challenges, managing family needs, adapting to college/university culture, building faculty rapport and other related topics.

4.)  Administrators - Creating Strong Leaders

These sessions should build on the leadership skills of a minority Chancellor, President, Vice-President, Dean, Director or Department Chair such as building a strong sense of self, handling isolation, how to fit in, and maintaining professionalism or expectations,

5.) Workforce - Trained to Work

These sessions target topics for staff, faculty and administrators to learn how industry and education can successfully foster work-based learning opportunities and/or reshape current processes to aligned with the needs of today's learners.

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