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The Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education 51st Annual State Conference marks election year for the At-Large seats of the TABPHE Board of Directors. 

TABPHE is looking for dedicated individuals to serve, lead and enhance our mission. Board Directors are the leadership for the organization, are responsible for managing the affairs of the state association and are empowered to make routine decisions. Nominees must be a paid state member and willing to serve.  Please see "Duties and Responsibilities”  below before nominating. 


  • responsible for managing the affairs of the Association and is empowered to make routine decisions for the Association
  • Serve as a core individual for committee and taskforce assignments
  • serve as at-large generalists who represent the membership and provide a broader perspective on the day-today management of the Association and Board activities
  • convene to conduct four (4) face-to-face meetings per year
  • participate in monthly conference calls


  • must be willing to serve a 2 year term (2024-2026)
  • must be an active paid state member for at least 2 years
  • a member cannot be nominated for, nor serve, more than two consecutive terms in a given position

For a list of complete duties, please view the state constitution


Nominee #1: Dr. Akilah Martin

Thank you for an opportunity to serve again. I already had a level of appreciation and admiration for TABPHE, but after experiencing "life" and still being asked to serve, I am now indebted to the organization for its continued support. I will serve with honor and to the best of my ability; and I will continue to share my talents and abilities to elevate and amplify the organization. Thank you again for the opportunity and the support.  

Nominee #2: Angela Allen

I am committed to serving a second term as a Board of Director for TABPHE. In this role, I am dedicated to contributing innovative ideas and supporting the development of programs and initiatives that will not only benefit the TABPHE Board but also enhance the experience of organization members throughout Texas. I am committed to providing constructive feedback and actively participating in the evaluation of TABPHE's programs and initiatives, ensuring informed decisions for the organization's success.

Moreover, I am enthusiastic about actively supporting the TABPHE Board in fostering collaborations with other organizations and institutions. By engaging with committees, especially in the areas of program and planning, I aim to contribute significantly to achieving TABPHE's goals and advancing the interests of all members.

Recognizing the importance of teamwork, I consider myself a diligent worker bee and am eager to work hard to assist various committees in their endeavors. With a wealth of skills, energy, and innovative ideas, I am confident that I can be a great asset to the TABPHE Board.

I appreciate your consideration and am excited about the opportunity to continue serving TABPHE in this capacity.

Nominee #3: Dr. Barbara Knotts

My name is Barbara Knotts Jones. I am the President of TABPHE’s San Antonio Chapter and a recently retired Tenured Faculty member, Faculty Senate Vice-President, and Director of the Department of Creative Multimedia at San Antonio College, one of the Alamo Colleges.  I am also a co-chairperson for the 51st TABPHE conference. I would be honored to serve on TABPHE's Board of Directors.

I hold a BA in Occupational Education from Wayland Baptist University, an MS in Library Information Science from the University of Texas in Austin, and an Ed.D in Leadership in Higher Education from North Central University in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

If I am elected to TABPHE's Board of Directors, I will leverage my years of experience in the fields of Grantsmanship, Library Science, Educational TV Broadcasting, and Program Management to support TAPBHE's student scholarship program. Additionally, I will assist in increasing the opportunities for professional development workshops/seminars for its membership.

  Nominee #4: Beverly J. Morehouse

Beverly Morehouse has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) from Prairie View A&M University and she has her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Phoenix. Beverly is an astute, experienced senior research administrator with more than 15 plus years of experience in research administration, both pre and post award. Beverly        helped re-establish the Texas Chapter of the Society of Research Administrators, International (SRAI) and has served as President for Texas Chapter SRAI for three years.    Beverly was also instrumental in helping establish the East Texas Chapter of the Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education (TABPHE), where she is currently serving as the Chapter President. She also helped with the creation of the Chapter By-Laws and Constitution.

Beverly is interested in becoming a TABPHE Board Member because she is inspired by the hard work, commitment and dedication to TABPHE displayed by both the past and current leadership. Beverly has a heart for serving and a willingness to try to make a difference. Beverly is currently serving on the Society of Research Administrators International’s (SRAI) Diversity, Engagement and Inclusion Committee and has been since 2021. Beverly has served as a presenter at several SRAI Annual Conferences dating back to October 2015 to October 2023.

Nominee #5: Denise Douglas

Ms. Denise Douglas attended Panola Jr. College in her hometown, Carthage, TX and received her Associates Degree in Business Management.  She made the decision to further her education not far from home in Nacogdoches, TX at Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA). Prior to completing her bachelors degree, she relocated to Dallas, TX for a short while only to find herself right back in Nacogdoches. Ms. Douglas began her career at SFA, started a family and then completed her bachelors degree in Liberal and Applied Arts with a concentration in Business Occupations.

If voted to serve on the Board of Directors for Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education, Ms. Douglas brings her enthusiasm to work as a dedicated member, collaborate harmoniously to accomplish the goals of the organization and follow through with the mission of TABPHE.  She is dedicated to completing tasks at-hand with proven ability to be an excellent leader as she serves on the local level.

During her 27 years of employment at Stephen F. Austin State University, she has been fortunate to work alongside some great co-workers, colleagues and supervisors. For 17 years Mrs. Douglas served in the Office of Admissions-Data Center. While there, one of her greatest accomplishments was being promoted from an Admissions Specialist to Admissions Coordinator and lastly, Supervisor of the Data Center. In 2013, she chose to seek something new within the university and the position for Exam Coordinator in the Office of Disability Services was vacant.  She has the heart and passion for helping young people and especially those with disabilities. She finds great fulfillment assisting scholars that require special accommodations in their quest for academic excellence.    As Ms. Douglas watches these students matriculate through their college years and assist them while they reach their ultimate goal…GRADUATION, this motivates her to do her job each day.

Ms. Douglas has been a proud Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education (TABPHE) member for 4 years. She has a servant’s leader mentality; Ms. Douglas thrives best with opportunities to assist with organizing and seeing the task through to completion in a timely manner.  She is currently serving as the Recording Secretary for the East Texas Chapter and has been since the chapter was established in 2021.  In addition to her professional career, Ms. Douglas was nominated and voted to serve a 1-year term on the inaugural Stephen F. Austin State University Staff Council, where several concerns of the campus staff were addressed and presented to the Board of Regents. 

Nominee #6: Dr. Julia Ballenger

I bring to the TABPHE Board of Directors over 20 years of experience working at the local Chapter Level of TABPHE at two universities: Stephen F. Austin State University and Texas A&M University-Commerce, and at the state level.

At A&M University-Commerce, I served as the chapter’s secretary, assistant president of programs and marketing, and as president. Currently, I serve, as a member of the local A&M- Commerce local chapter assisting in any needed way. When I served as President of the Faculty Senate, we continued recognizing faculty, staff, and administrators for their worthwhile work and contributions to the universities by providing a program, formal dining, and a plaque. We added to this collaboration the Faculty Senate.

Not only do I work at the university level with TABPHE, but at the state level. I am a member of the Board of Directors and an Emerald Life Member. I served as Vice President for Membership. My collective goal with the Executive Director was to increase membership and the number of life members. Both of these goals were accomplished. Other work at the state level includes membership on the Governance and Budget committees.

Nominee #7: Kelli Emerson 

I am excited to bring my extensive background in higher education to the Board of Director and TABPHE, leveraging a wealth of experiences that span various facets of academia. As a seasoned higher education veteran, my journey has equipped me with diverse perspectives, particularly in working with underserved populations. My fundamental belief that education is a universal right drives my commitment to ensuring inclusivity and accessibility to all students.

With a solid foundation in academia and an imminent doctorate, my dedication to fostering a supportive educational environment is further strengthened. I have successfully navigated both two-year and four-year institutions, gaining valuable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities each setting presents. This diverse experience has shaped my passion for creating positive college experiences and enhancing student life.

My ability to cross-collaborate is a key asset, as I have effectively worked alongside faculty, staff, and administrators to develop impactful program and initiatives. I am enthusiastic about contributing to TABPHE by utilizing my expertise in supporting diverse student populations and my proactive approach to making a tangible difference in the college experience. Together, let us elevate TABPHE’s mission and ensure that education remains an empowering force for all. 

Nominee #8: Lakisha Jackson 

My name is LaKisha Jackson and I am currently the Executive Director of TRIO and Pre-Collegiate Programs at UNT Dallas. I have worked in HIED since 2007 and have been a member of TABPHE since 2010.   I hold two master's degrees from Tarleton State University (MBA and MSLS-PSYC) and am ABD in HIED Leadership at Texas A&M Commerce. 

I bring to this role a wealth of knowledge and experience having previously served on the state board in two officer roles (Secretary and Treasurer), co-led the initiatives knowns today as the Vickie Lynn Allen TABPHE LIFE Membership Fund, TABPHE FELLOWS (former leadership institute), and the current database used by the association today that helped us run more efficiently and effectively.  I also have served in roles with other non-profit organizations, including serving on various professional development-based committees.  I have also served as a TABPHE Chapter President, and I have continued to support/assist behind the scenes when called upon. I am a Life Member of TABPHE and still believe in the potential of the power our association has.  There is still a great work to do, and it takes compassion, empathy, and the ability to advocate- all things that come naturally to me.   

TABPHE is heart work and I have a collaborative spirit and serve with passion. I understand the importance of unity and togetherness.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve on the board, if elected. 

Nominee #9: Myisha Coleman

As a black professional in higher education this organization has played a pivotal role in my development as a current and emerging leader in this employment field. Leading a team of higher education professionals at Dallas College has taught me about exemplifying drive and tenacity. More importantly, I have learned that providing professional development for other education practitioners is vital to the evolution of higher education across all institutions.  Curating spaces and events for black professionals to learn and grow is important to continuing the black experience in lieu of harmful polices like dismantling DEI. 

As a part of the board of directors I would lend my knowledge of technology, planning, project management, and organizational skills to the progress of TABPHE events and priorities.  I am great at cross collaboration and driving conversations forward to a solution. 

I look forward to serving in this capacity with this esteemed organization. 

Nominee #10: Qu'Wanua Robinson

Having had a successful tenure in higher education for over a decade, inclusive of my personal experience as a woman of color, I have gained a profound understanding of the intricacies and hurdles encountered within this field. If granted the opportunity to serve on the esteemed Board of Directors, I would bring forth my extensive expertise in establishing valuable connections and efficiently distributing resources. I firmly believe in the significance of attentiveness and responsiveness towards the personnel's needs. Furthermore, I possess a strategic mindset and am unafraid to make daring decisions to effectively tackle the daily demands and requisite challenges.

I am renowned for my innovative thinking, commitment to fairness, and staunch endorsement of organizational growth and expansion. Through my experience as the Parliamentarian for the Dallas Chapter, I have gained a deeper appreciation for the importance of collaboration and a problem-solving approach. I am confident that I can contribute to our organization by bringing a strong sense of organization and strategic planning through effective relationship building. I am committed to upholding the reputation of the TABPHE organization and being a positive representative who can elevate it to new heights, fostering both internal and external support and a growing membership.

Nominee #11: Shanee' Moore

My name is Shaneé Moore and I currently serve as the Senior Director of Campus Administration at Dallas College North Lake Campus and Vice President of TABPHE Dallas Chapter.

I believe I would be an excellent candidate to serve on the TABPHE Board of Directors due to a combination of my skills, experiences, and dedication to driving positive change. With a proven track record in higher education administration, I bring a unique perspective that can benefit Black faculty, staff, students and administrators. My commitment to excellence, coupled with a passion for representing all levels of higher education, aligns seamlessly with the TABPHE’s mission.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated the ability to collaborate effectively with diverse teams, navigate complex challenges, and make informed decisions that contribute to organizational success. My experience working in the President’s Office, equips me with a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted aspects of organizational management.

Moreover, my strong communication skills allow me to articulate and advocate for ideas clearly, fostering a culture of open dialogue and collaboration. I am also committed to upholding ethical standards and fostering a positive working environment. If given the opportunity to serve on the TABPHE Board of Directors, I am confident that my strategic insights, leadership acumen, and dedication to the organization's mission will contribute significantly to its growth and success.

Nominee #12: Shayla O. Andrews

Hello, My name is Shayla O. Andrews.  I have been working in higher education for over ten years.  Currently, I am an Associate Registrar at Collin College.  I have been an active member of TABPHE in various capacities for over ten years.  I started volunteering with the Registration Committee and later had the opportunity to co-chair the Registration Committee during the 47th Annual State Conference in Farmers Branch.  I have been a session facilitator and was one of the four co-chairs for the 49th Annual State Conference in Round Rock.  I am serving my second year as a Board Member and member of the Scholarship Committee.  I am also the WHOVA Conference App Administrator.  I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering Technology from Prairie View A&M University and a Master of Education degree in Community College Administration and Supervision from Morgan State University.  I reside in the North Dallas area, and I am a member of the Collin County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporate.  In conclusion,  I am passionate about helping others succeed and sharing information, and I am dedicated and committed to the growth of TABPHE while continuing the vision of our Founders. 

Nominee #13: Dr. Tonya Cooper

I will bring the following experience to the Board of Director position:
- A former sworn public official in Michigan serving as a Board Of Directors Financial Member 2.5 years
- A former Board Member in Dallas Montessori School
- A former leadership role as President and Vice President with DFW UOPX Alumni Group

Additionally, serving on Boards I have received the following awards:
-Excellence in Education Award
-Justice Speaks Project Urban Agenda Civic Literacy Award
- Department of Economics Labor Studies Award
- The Mayor's Award and the Spirit of Detroit Award.

Finally, serving in this role I will continue to bring my experience and talents to move forward the agenda that will impact future leaders, students, TABPHE, and continue to create a pathway for servant leaders.

Nominee #14: Yvonne Davis Frear

My name is Yvonne Davis Frear, and I have been a proud TABPHE member since February 2014, and am now an excited Life member. I have attended and actively participated in five Annual State conferences during my membership tenure. My institution, San Jacinto College, sponsored my first membership and conference registration in 2014, and I worked with and supported our Men of Honor Program and its leaders with active demonstrations of teaching and mentoring to focus our young male students on excellence and accountability. Subsequently, I received the pleasure of being educated about the impact of TABPHE on emerging higher education leaders by Dr. Cherry Gooden and Dr. Angela Anderson at the First Time Attendees reception. I recall the TABPHE leaders stressing the need for active service in the organization to fulfill its mission. In 2020, I organized and presented on the panel, FULL STEAM AHEAD: CONVERSATIONS WITH LEADERSHIP MENTORING INSTITUTE (LMI.) AND THE EFFICACY OF STRANDS OF INSTITUTIONAL CHANGE that offered conversations from the American Association of Blacks in Higher Education (AABHE.) Leadership Mentoring Institute (LMI) graduates employed with San Jacinto College. In 2023 and 2024, I served on the Legislative and Scholarship committees, assisting the chairpersons in 2023, and in 2024, I became the Chair of the Scholarship Committee.

I am a 14-year employee with San Jacinto College, where my leadership position is Department Chair of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Liberal Arts Liaison to Dual Credit at the Central campus. Instructionally, I am a historian focused on African Americans and civil rights in Texas. I am also a recognized civil rights and social justice public speaker, having recently presented at the State Fair of Texas – Juanita Craft Humanitarian Award, the Texas State Historical Association, the US Customs and Border Protection Diversity and Inclusion Program, and a two-time public speaker with Houston Matters, an affiliate of National Public Radio (NPR). I am also a 2021-2022 League for Innovation Excellence Award recipient, an active member of the American Association for Women in Community Colleges (AAWCC) and AAWCC 2022 LEADERS Institute graduate, and First Vice President of the East Texas Historical Association.

Nominee #15: Dr. Willie Edwards

I have been an active member of TABPHE since 2015. I am a Life Member of TABPHE and I am dedicated to the cause of promoting Black personnel and students at all levels within our junior and senior colleges/universities. I have attended several state meetings and participated in several events as a panel member and presenter. I believe there is much work that needs to be done and continued in the speaking out and up for those of us working within these institutions of higher education. I am prepared to assist us in holding and fighting for our due recognition and respect as we strive to better our lives regardless of whether we are students, staff, faculty, or administrator. I am prepared to contribute to the mission and goals of TABPHE through funding various needs, expending my personal energy to accomplish tasks, and representing through whatever means necessary.

Submission Details

A slate of eligible members will be presented to the  membership at the 51st Annual TABPHE State Conference Business Meeting held on February 13, 2024 in Frisco, TX.  Nominations may be also made from the floor in the Business Meeting.

Voting will take place immediately following the business meeting for active paid members. Winners will be announced at the conference banquet. 

Nominating Committee Chairwoman

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